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Crystal - Seattle, Washington

Since having the opportunity to purchase Cherish Sanitary napkins, I have not used any other Sanitary napkins. I am in love with the product. It has helped with my cramping in my stomach and legs. Has shortened my cycle from 7 days to a 4-day cycle. I have one day of a heavy flow and then the next 3 days are light days. No longer have to feel itchy and irritated which is one more reason I hated wearing Pads.

Naj - United Kingdom

OK, so we all know that The Time of the Month (TTOTM) is the worst, it’s when our ovaries feel like they’re being mutilated by a cheese grater.

Before trying this brand I struggled with Primary Dysmenorrhea for several years. I used to take medication (Mefenamic x2 and Tranexamic X1) 4 times a day for the 7 days, as TTOTM caused severe cramping, discomfort and pain.

When I tried these Premium Sanitary Napkins, I immediately felt them working. They got rid of the cramping, nausea and other symptoms by the second day. By Day 2 I no longer needed ANY medication. The feminine flow got lighter and by the 7th day I was completely finished.

These Premium Sanitary Napkins are so soft and absorbent; I can’t even feel them when I wear them. I absolutely LOVE this product and what it has done for me. Thank you

Brandy - Denver, Colorado

I started my feminine flow when I was 13 yrs of age and did not like it at all but a strange part of me was kind of excited because, to me, it made me feel like I was one of the “big girls”. But then the cycles came and went and I was like, ugh! It was and has always been such a depressing, anxiety filled and overwhelming time of the month for me. Never did I ever think or believe I’d be this excited to get my feminine flow. So, I purchased my Cherish premium sanitary napkins, waited for mother nature to take its course and it was truly an Amazing experience. My flow is a full 6-7 day, always heavy, with clots included. My cramps are severe, backaches, headaches and I am EXTREMELY MOODY, a time in my life I never look forward to. I got up one day and “aunt flow” was here and boy was I elated!! I showered, put on my underwear and a cherish daily and I cramped for about an hour. I cramp severely the first two days but I’m also a mom of three so, no matter how I am feeling, I have to keep on pushing. I get to work and after an hour I felt something outside of my cramps going on. It was weird- sort of an outer body experience if you will. I can’t really explain it but it was something I had never experienced before.

Shortly thereafter, my cramps had subsided and subconsciously, I go to the bathroom to check myself because I’ve been conditioned to do so and to my surprise, not enough flow to change. I literally had my Cherish daily napkin on from 9 am -9 pm and the only reason I changed it was because I had to shower, SERIOUSLY! My second day was a very light flow and I only had used one cherish daily napkin. No cramps just smooth sailing! I’m like, I can get used to this!! Relaxed state, hormones seem to be balanced, not moody at all, I have witnesses!! It was amazing!! The third day, flow was a little heavier than the first two but I only used two cherish daily, so no complaints. The fourth day was the end of the flow mode and I was blown away!

On average, I go through 7-8 “Unsanitary napkins” daily. I wore one cherish daily on my fourth day, for the entire day and BOOM! Feminine flow over………. A four-day flow beats a seven-day flow, any month. Thank you so much nSpire Network for giving the women of nSpire a voice and a platform to tell our stories. We will no longer suffer in silence. Thank you!

Liz - Atlanta, GA

Cherish is the answer to my prayers! From the time I started my period at age 9, I’ve always had horribly painful periods that have gotten progressively worse over the years and unfortunately, as my family & friends can attest, the crampier I was, the crankier I was toward everyone around me. That’s embarrassing to admit, but true. I don’t know how these work, all I know is what a difference these pads have made in my life … my excruciatingly painful cramps are GONE so I’m FAR LESS cranky now (which my family & friends greatly appreciate!).

Plus, the pads are so soft and keep me so much drier that I don’t get that awful post-period rash anymore. And as if all that wasn’t enough of a blessing, my period is 2-3 days shorter than usual by using these pads! HALLELUJAH!!! All I can say is … Periods no longer interfere with living my life to the fullest. I LOVE these Cherish pads and I will NEVER use anything else ever again!!! Thank you SO MUCH for making the most comfortable sanitary pads in the world … I just can’t stop telling everyone about these!!!

Michelle - Provost, Utah

My best friend is extremely allergic to pads. She discovered that she had become allergic after her second baby. She has tried everything, but even the organic pads caused a terrible reaction. She just had her 4th baby and of course, was dreading after because she is out of options as to what she can use. I sent her a couple of Cherish pads to try out and she was completely WOWED! She did NOT have any reaction!

She is so happy that finally there is a safe product that she can use, that she is not allergic to and that keeps her comfortable and dry for so long! She said she believes in this product and will be a customer for life!!

Sherilee - Kingston, Jamaica

I am the mother of five daughters. My youngest daughter has suffered symptoms of extreme pelvic pain, cramping, and projectile vomiting, that has resulted in us taking her to the emergency room several times over the past year. After numerous tests, examinations, and visits to different medical specialists, the final conclusion was that she was suffering from a rare case extreme severe cramps.

They prescribed her a powerful narcotic to help with the pain which I was not happy with at all. I felt totally helpless when I had to watch my daughter suffer. I literally prayed for a solution. I received a link to a video that caught my curiosity so I watched it. The information on that video was literally the answer to my prayer. Everything it covered made sense and explained the possible source to my daughter’s suffering. I was able to get samples of the product back in March and I immediately disposed of the product she was using.

The first day of her cycle she was in pain as usual but she used the Cherish pad. By the end of the day she came to me and said “Mom, these pads really work. My pain is barely noticeable.” The second day she had NO pain. And she has been pain-free since. Cherish has truly been a God-send for me and my daughter!

Trevesa - Spanish Town, Jamaica

For as long as I can remember, I have had very painful periods and sometimes have had to take up to six to eight painkillers a day. In addition to the pain, I usually have a heavy flow and have had to wear a tampon and pad or two pads at a time, resulting in one pack being finished in one and a half day. After multiple visits to the OB/GYN, an ectopic pregnancy, a diagnosis of endometriosis and two surgeries to remove endometrial deposits and being told I might need to do another surgery (bear in mind I had a C-section twice, resulting in four surgeries in my lifetime of over 30 years), I decided enough was enough.

The first time I wore one of the Cherish pads, I felt like I was high. I was literally skipping around the office singing “The Sound of Music.” It felt like I was not wearing anything and at one point, I practically forgot I had my period. By the end of the first day, I was sold. Having had issues with leaking during the nights and having had to sleep on my side to prevent any mess, I decided to try the pad overnight. When I woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom, even though the pad was full, there was no leakage and no mess…and to think I didn’t even wake up during the night! I had one of the most peaceful and restful sleep during my cycle that I’ve had in years! On top of that, I felt very little pain and discomfort and only ended up taking two painkillers during the entire cycle (compared to over a dozen).

These Cherish Premium Pads are an answer to my prayers! If only these existed from when I had just started my period. I can only imagine the stress, embarrassment, and pain I could have avoided all these years. Now that I know I have a healthier and better alternative, I can say NO. NO more pain, NO more embarrassment, NO more mess or leakage, NO more, because NOW I NO! My mission is now to help spread the awareness and help save others from going through what I’ve been through. I guess you can say I’m NSPIRED!

May - New Haven, CT

This is my 17-year-old daughter Destany’s testimonial. The cherish pads are amazing! All the other pads don’t make me feel better, I still witnessed my fever and throwing up with the store-bought pads, but with CHERISH, my cramps weren’t bad at all! My headaches stopped and after I put on the Cherish pad I didn’t throw up anymore my fever went away, for me that’s amazing because on my first day of my cycle I have to leave school on a medical because my cramps are so bad and the throwing up. With Cherish I won’t have to go through such a horrible time! I’ll be able to have a normal day without having to worry about changing my pad every hour because I’m bleeding so heavy. I’ll be able to change every 6 or so hours! On my first day I was wearing an Always pad I had it in for about an hour and I was bleeding so heavy that I had to change 30 minutes after putting it on and I was cramping so bad that it was hard to walk. My mom picked me up at 7 a.m. and when we got home I put on the Cherish pad and after about 15 minutes or so I felt completely better! The second day I had the Cherish pad on and I wore it from 5:43 a.m – 4:30 p.m I didn’t feel the blood at all and the cramps were barely there! I am excited to be a part of Cherish!

P.S. My mom took out the negative ion strip from the Cherish pad and placed it on my lower stomach where I was having the most pain and also on my head because I had a headache! My pain definitely went away within 5 minutes or less…crazy!

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